Swab a Cheek

Increasing Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Bone Marrow Registry
Swab YOUR cheek –
YOU could save a life


YOUR contribution will be used to:

  • Register life saving donors
  • Educate donors so they are available when someone needs a match

Steps to Become a Donor

Initial Recruitment
Prospective donors must be between the ages of 18-60 and in general good health. Volunteers can participate at a community recruitment drive or order a kit online on this website! Testing is simple, and involves a swab of cells from the inside of the cheeks. The donor is then entered into the registry.
Confirmatory Typing
If identified as a match, the next step involves collecting a blood sample which will be evaluated by the patient's transplant center. This will also include testing for Infectious Disease Markers. Donors will be contacted by telephone or by mail if they are a potential match. Please keep contact information current!
If results from the confirmatory typing are a match and Infectious Disease Markers are normal, the transplant center may request a physical exam and health history evaluation. This begins with an information session, and is followed by a chest x-ray, EKG, complete blood count, blood chemistries and other lab tests.
If the donor is medically cleared based on the results of the physical exam and health history screening, the donor is scheduled for the donation. Depending on the request from the transplant center, the donation will either be bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells. Click here for a description.

Click here for a detailed diagram.


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